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Originally Posted by Carbine
No doubt.

I mentioned Peppers because Jaws was speaking about him. He's the only one on the crew that thought Peppers was more valuable to the Panthers success than Smith. I donno, it's a toss up really. It all starts & ends up front though - so I'd lean towards Peppers, inarguably the best defensive lineman in football this year.

Mike Irvin is such a square. He was saying how the winner of the Dallas/NY game was the class of the NFC. Chicago, Mike?

Smith shoulda hauled that in....

I wouldnt argue against Peppers. I mean I'd pick Steve Smith but if someone said Peppers...I'd accept it. Just two guys who make thier impact felt. I saw Irvin talkin bout that too. Dude is retarded. I missed the Carolina talks, just caught Irvin and his usual nonsense.
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