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Originally Posted by LBJames2010
i love brook lopez's game. he just needs to learn how to pass better (im sure everyone has noticed that)

Lopez is a well above average passer for a center. The Nets have used Lopez as a third or even fourth scoring option for most of the year. With Harris out they have started running the offense through him more. Yesterday he set a career high 8 assists (granted it was against the Knicks).

Lopez has averaged nearly 13 ppg w/o a go-to post move. Kiki has stated repeatedly that when he develops a strong move and counter move (which will happen this summer) the Nets will run the offense primarily through Brook. Once this happens you will see his passing numbers shoot up.

Brook has been a more efficient offensive player than either Rose, Westbrook or Mayo. He has been a better defensive player anchoring what was a porous Nets defense at season's start. He leads all rookies in blocks. His shooting percentage is skyrocketing, his assists are up, his turnovers down.

Rose and Westbrook run their team's offense and both will be great players. I just think the numbers point clearly to Lopez as does what I am seeing on court.

Good for Hollinger for telling it like it is.
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