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Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
I think Americans hate soccer and hockey because so much time of nothing happening when it could be. In the NFL a Wr might be 40-50 yards down the field at the end of a play. He cant just teleport back to the huddle. They have to have time. Its not slow despite constant action. Its slow because its a huge field with guys ending up all over it and needing to get back where they started and decide what to do next. Hockey and soccer basically never stop and even with that.....nothing much happens.

For the record, I am NOT a hockey fan....

But saying nothing happens in a hockey game is one of most ludicrous statements I've ever heard...

have you ever sat down and watched a hockey game from start to's exhausting there's so much action....and I don't even care for it...

if anything, nfl football is filled with time where NOTHING's only about 5-10 minutes of actual game time and many of the plays are boring....

So why do we love it? Because Americans like the down time, I think. Time to strategize, discuss the play, etc.....
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