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Yes ive watched a hockey game. Live in fact. "Nothing" doesnt literally mean everyone stands still. But nothing of note happens. Kinda like soccer in that its basically people going back and forth doing the exact same thing until an attempt to score that lasts about a third of a second then more time of nothing.

Many sports are like that. Football in ways. But there is a bigger range of possibility than a guy kicking a ball softly to his teammate who walks 5 steps thn kicks it back. then kicks it to the side....for another guy to walk 5-6 steps with it...then kick it back. Soccer is the most boring thing ive ever played. Even worse than t-ball

Basically any game with a goalie isnt that exciting. People simply being in motion isnt exciting to me.

Basketball is the best example of a sport where something is almost always happening. Unless you want to count Nascar. But I dont consider driving a sport no matter how fast you happen to be going.

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