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Originally Posted by IBLEEDGREEN43
whats up everybody.. me and my girlfriend been together about 10 months now.. and recently we have been fighting because my bankroll aint enough to get my girlfriend what she wants, on a weekly basis.. including this 200 dollar jacket from abercrombie..

i have been saving up for weeks and weeks.. and have 140 bucks right now.. i need just a little more, and i will be able to purchase this amazing jacket..

am i incredibly whipped.. trying to be a nice guy... or just plain stupid..

because as the weeks roll on, i feel stupider and stupider saving up all this money

put urself in my situation.. make a girl happy, and get laid... or have her pissed.. and get nothing.. how would u handle it

I would ask her for something ridiculous and see if she would supply. Otherwise, dude, grow balls.
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