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Can't believe Carolina lost that one, but they deserve to!! How many 3rd down conversations did they let Cincy have today? They even allowed a 30+ yard reception on 4th down...our LB's sucked today, our front 4 opened huge holes for them and they couldn't get the job done...that Gamble pass interference was BOGUS, he barely touched him...they said he held him? :confused: Few possessions later they get a TD, alot of mistakes from Carolina today...we definitely missed our best LB in Thomas Davis today, especially with Morgan out for the season. Dallas next, then the bye week...I'll take 5-3, after a 0-2 start.

Hopefully DeAngelo comes back next week, this team looked good when they were getting everyone involved on offense...but then for some reason they started playing conservative, and only going to Key/Smith...was a painful game to watch, we had Cincy by the tail and let them off the hook...ugly game, outside of Smith, I wasn't impressed with anyone really. Except Marshall who might soon replace Gamble as that starting CB.
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