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Originally Posted by GOBB

1. I posted a video of E.James rushing. Watch it and report back to me what you saw. No nonsense either

I saw the LB's closing in on the runner "Urlacher is just closing in on number 32" (quote from ingame), horrible blocking towards the outside HOWEVER a few of the rushes i couldnt help notice him doing a lot of useless jukes and ending up getting crushed by briggs or brian, he stalled to much in the backfield (whos he think he is, barry sanders??? barry is and will be the only person who can pull that off) and I saw him bouncing away from the pocket formed by the O-line on a few of the plays. also A LOT of those tackles were from blitzes which you cant hold all responsibility to the line for holding back 3-4 more guys rushing in especially a bad o-line like the cards (not as bad as people make them out to be though, good for forming pockets, suck when it comes to pitches) EJ should have had better production up the gut, if he stops wasting time he can pick up 3-4 more yards and give the LBs less time to close in
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