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Default Re: The best player in 2009 Nba Draft

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
This guy, to me, has more potential than Griffin. Griffin is definitly the better player right now, but give Monroe a couple more years and he'll be right up there.

I also like Earl Clark (one of my favourite players). He's a very versatile player and is incredibly talented. He can run the floor extremely well, he's agile, he's quick and he's as long as anyone. He's got great length. If he measures 6'9, I really wouldn't be surprised, the guy looks like a gangly mofo out there. If he could develop some high post moves (I feel playing in the high post suits his game more, than playing in the low post does), then he should be a fine NBA player.

I don't think he is quite a top 5 player yet, but who knows, with this draft class, he could go any where.

To Earl Clark is the most overrated player in this draft, i think people are just overhyping him. He is a decent player but people make like he is going to something special in NBA just because he is 6-9 and can play SF. He is an avarage player who wont be anything special, i see a slightly poor man version of Thadeus Young or Marvin Williams.
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