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Default Re: Why Is Jonny Flynn Not Considered A Top 10 Pick?

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
-A.J. Price
-Ty Lawson
-Jeff Teague
-Brandon Jennings
-Willie Warren
-Ricky Rubio(Possibly)
-Stephen Curry
-Jrue Holliday
-Darren Collinson
-Tyreke Evans
-Eric Maynor
-Lester Hudson
-Jonny Flynn

That's why. Pretty darn deep PG draft class this year wouldn't you say? You can argue any of those guys being able to crack an NBA rotation next year. Of course some will stay, some are not true PGs but that is still a lot of quality talent.

- We already know that Jonny is staying another year (although he might change his mind if the Orange upset Oklahoma and his draft stock rises.)

- I think Jrue Holiday should and will stay another year as well.

- Tyreke Evans might soph it up if he wants a national champeenship, handling one of the best recruiting classes ever (Henry, Cousins, etc). He'll probably declare though.

- Rubio will probably come out next year, not this year.

- I can also see Willie Warren staying for his sophomore year, especially if the Sooners lose to Syracuse. But then, his draft stock is pretty high, he will be sorely tempted.

- Pat Calathes will stay another year and form a killer backcourt tandem with Kenny Boyton. Florida has quietly been recruiting well.

- Curry, Lawson, Teague, and Jennings would be stupid not to declare this year, and Maynor, Price, and Collison don't have a choice. Neither do Jack McClinton, Jeremy Pargo, Dominic James, or Tyrese Rice. Collison should have entered last year, he may not even be first round now.

- I'm not sure Hudson will even be drafted, I've barely heard of him.

- Patrick Mills, Greivis Vasquez, and Rodrigue Beaubois are all talented foreign-born PGs who could enter this year, but might not. Mills could see his stock rise a LOT if he stayed another year, seriously, although being a high second round pick could actually be a good thing.

No matter how you slice it though, there is a ****load of PG talent on deck, this year and next. Some of these guys will be star PGs in the NBA.

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