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Default Re: The Great Devin Harris.

Originally Posted by CySniper
yeah but the devin harris acting is great because he can get to the line more, so it is actually a +.
A ballhog means some one hogs to the ball too much and makes them worse, but devin does not make the nets worse at all. Him hogging is good for Nets. THe nets were so ugly without harris, but CDR was nice

I have zero respect for floppers. I dont care if it gets you to the line or not. It makes you look like a joke and you cant expect to be taken seriously when you do it habitually.

You said Devin Harris hogging the ball is a good thing?? Do you actually watch the games or just search youtube for his highlights? He makes so many bad decisions that its a wonder the Nets were ever in the playoff race to begin with.

Harris is like Ron Artest. If you just look at his numbers, you assume he's a great player. But when you actually watch a whole game of him playing... it's pretty ugly. And this is coming from a life-long Net fan.
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