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If she really wanted to show how edgy she was, she'd dress up in a hijab and/or mock the prophet Mohammed, but we all know that'll never happen. Double standards and hypocrisy.

For the record, I feel that anyone should be free to say anything about anyone and any religion (I'm a Christian, btw). However, NBC, being a network transmitted on public airwaves, is under no obligation to further her "message" if they feel it will upset or alienate a large portion of their viewership or have repercussions for their advertisers. It goes both ways.

Free speech was never meant to be used to compel others to provide you with a venue for your speech, or else I'd be legally entitled to force the Dolans to allow me to use MSG as a podium from which to promulgate my views. Madonna has enough money to create her own TV channel; if she feels that her rights are being infinged upon in some way by NBC's legitimate decision (which is in their best interests), she is free to air her program uncensored on her own TV channel or PPV event. That's not censorship -- hell, it's not even de facto censorship.
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