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Originally Posted by Jerm
Loki's post above confirms the view world over that Christians are wimps who can't and don't stand up for their religion. If Madona tries that with Muhammad, she'll probably never live to see tomorrow. Christians? they take it with a huge smile fo whatever reason.

Wimps? More like we're commanded to forgive and turn the other cheek. But whatever floats your boat. I see people like her (and like you if your post wasn't facetious) as misguided; the proper response is to educate and/or pity depending on the severity of the case, not riot and/or behead.

If you call rioting and violence "standing up for one's religion," well, I have a feeling that you'll be in for a rude awakening one day down the road when the rest of the world no longer tolerates acts of violence precipitated by what are ultimately innocuous remarks. Free speech is indeed under attack, but not from the corners you suppose.
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