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Default Kenny Rogers(the cheater)

Ive viewed Detroit Tigers message boardsm to see what they had to say about the accusatiosn against Kenny Rogers, and the brown spot on his hand,and all the fans seem to say ''the umpires said it was dirt, lets forget about it'' However, he has been caught with th is ''dirt'' in his hand, in the exact same spot, for three games. Coincidently, its just when he starts the best pitching of his life. Im not trying to start an argument with Piston fans, or Tiger fans on this forum, but I just want to hear what you have to say. To think, if he had been using tar, he might have cheated to help eliminate the Yankees, well... Anyways, watch this video, I found it pretty educational about whats going on if youre living in a cave, and didnt hear about it.
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