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Default Re: I dont like LeBron

Originally Posted by Kobe8
Who Cares If you dont like him, question is who are you?!
Hello Kobe 8, I dont think we have met but let me introduce myself, my name is Dre Day. Im no one special, Just a Net fan typing certain facts about my team and also just telling people what I think. I think this is why this forum was made.

All Im saying about "LeBron" is he for real about playing the game or is it about the money? Why is he making comment about leaving Cleveland? Why did he wear Red shoe to the Knick game gettting all fan excited about something that maynot happen? Sir Charles made a statement about this being disrespectful to the team and I agree. Basketball has become a business. If LeBron decides to come to NY or NJ, tri-state etc, its going to be about marketing. I know I caught alot of crap from this but I think this post is a good one. All Im asking is what do you guys think about this.

Rusty I dont think this is in the wrong forum, like I said earlier Im a Nets fan and I wanted to see what other Nets fans think. What you think people would say if I put this in the Cleveland forum?

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