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Default Outlook For Next Season: Nets

What do you want the nets to do this offseason....

This Years Lineup-

C- Brook Lopez - Josh Boone
PF- Yi Jianlian/Anderson - Sean Williams
SF- Trenton Hassell - Jarvis Hayes
SG- Vince Carter - Bobby Simmons/CDR
PG- Devin Harris - Keyon Dooling

extras: Maurice Ager, Eduardo Najera

Expiring Contracts:

Maurice Ager- Release, waste of roster spot, wont ever get playing time
Jarvis Hayes- Re-sign, important player, makes shots, game-changing
Trenton Hassell- Re-sign, great defensive player, role player for bench
__________________________________________________ ____________

Player Comments:

Devin Harris- great player, great future, future of the team
VInce Carter- great player, on the decline but still performing
Jarvis Hayes- game-changing, makes shots,
Yi Jianlian- not ready for a big role, needs time,
Josh Boone- decent role player
Brook Lopez- great player, will have all-star future, good iq
Keyon Dooling- good leader and player, steps up when harris is out
Bobby Simmons- good player, makes plays and has his days
Maurice Ager- not good, should be in d-league if he wants a future of playing
Trenton Hassell- great defensive and hustle player
Sean Williams- athletic player, makes plays, next stromile swift?
CDR- good future ahead, will be a big player next year
Ryan ANderson- has his pros and cons but decent overall
Edjuardo Najera- not amazing but he makes plays, hustles, important role player
__________________________________________________ _____________
Offseason Pickups:

Brandon Bass?
Chris ANderson?
Trevor Ariza?
Lamar Odom?
Jamaal Magloire??
Malik Allen?
Jason Collins?
Al Harrington?
CHris Wilcox?
Hedo Turkoglu?
Ime Udoka?
Carlos Boozer?

Team Needs:
Backup Center- SOmeone to back up lopez that can score and play d
STarting/Backup power forward- I dont think anderson/yi/williams are worthy of being starters but could be decent backups that step in as starter at times

__________________________________________________ ____________

Roster so far-

pg- harris, dooling
sg- carter, simmons/cdr
sf- Hassell, Hayes
pf**- Anderson, williams, jianlian, najera
c**- Lopez, Boone

**= where we need to work on in offseason

__________________________________________________ ______________

NBA Draft-

Mock Draft Possibilitys-

Chase BUdinger
Demar Derozen
Willie Warren
Ty Lawson
Johnny Flynn

__________________________________________________ ______________

Players to trade-

Yi Jianlian- possibly
Josh Boone- his time has come, we need a scoring.defense center
Anderson- pssibly
williams- possibly
carter- please dont trade him but we might have to

__________________________________________________ _____________

Next Years Lineup- ( WIthout rookies)


pg- Harris, Dooling
sg- Carter, CDR, Simmons
sf- Hassell, Hayes
pf- (Offseason Pickup), Williams/Jianlian/Anderson/Najera- whoever shows the most improvement
c- Lopez, (Offseason Pickup), Boone


pg-harris, dooling
sg- cdr, simmons, hassell
sf- carter, hayes, hassell
pf- (Offseason Pickup), Williams, Najera, Anderson, Yi
c- Lopez, ( Offseason Pickup), Boone


pg- harris, dooling
sg- carter, cdr, hassell
sf- simmons, hayes, hassell
pf- (offseason Pickup), najera, anderson, jianlian
c- Lopez, Williams, Boone

__________________________________________________ ___________

Players who need most minutes-

Prospect PLayers-


Players who need less minutes-

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