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Default Re: Outlook For Next Season: Nets

great post. repped.

since i agree with a lot, i'll just comment where i disagree:
Originally Posted by NJnetsfan1535
Devin Harris- great player, great future, future of the team

great talent but needs to work on his passing and getting his teammates involved more. lopez is actually the more important future of this team IMO. (harris comes second)

Yi Jianlian- not ready for a big role, needs time,

i say he gets this summer, the next training camp, and the first half of next season to get it together. otherwise trade him for a couple bags of dog food and call it an upgrade.

Josh Boone- decent role player

he's taken a step back this year so i am by no means sure that we keep him.

Bobby Simmons- good player, makes plays and has his days

his contract is hell and we're stuck with it.

Sean Williams- athletic player, makes plays, next stromile swift?

one more strike and i want him out of here.
and he better have the best summer and best training camp of his life. the nets are not a juvenile delinquency halfway house for wild kids.

Edjuardo Najera- not amazing but he makes plays, hustles, important role player

i'd let him go. great guy, great attitude, but he can't stay healthy.

Brandon Bass?

rotation player, not a future starter IMO.

Lamar Odom?

not a true PF and he'll probably cost too much.

Jamaal Magloire??


Jason Collins?

sure, if he's not as expensive as last time. great rotation player and influence.

Carlos Boozer?

anybody signing him is going to role the dice regarding his health. i'd rather swing a trade for elton brand since the sixers would love to get rid of him. he's also a big gamble like boozer would be, but boozer is chronically injured while brand is not. (last two years notwithstanding)
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