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Originally Posted by G-train
Hey oldknickfan....
1. are you Marv Albert?

2. Also can you explain your interesting avatar?

1, Noooooo and it does not count! Why did you ask?:confused:

2. Yes I can! But, I don't want to give away any of my secrets. However, you may find a clue to my true identity by staring at the photo in my avatar -- especially if it was taken on one of the many times that I was introduced at MSG before the start of a Knick game.
Now do you want to ask me if I really am Patrick Ewing or Clyde?

You guys were joking about Hawker's post. But how surprised would you be if he does know more than most people? Perhaps Hawker was saying that "he [Inside Hoops] probably only posts when it is a good poster that is a celebrity!"

Now I am not saying that I am; But I wonder what would happen if a famous ex-NBA star was posting here on a regular basis?
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