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Default mock draft

1- nets- blake griffen sf- the perfect situation for griffen to shine, playing sf w yi and anderson as outside playing pf's
2-lac- ricky rubio pg- good for the nba and the clippers, not really good for rubio
3-wizards- a fariq aminu pf/sf-wiz take a shot at potential in the long term replacement for jamison

4-kings-brandon jennings pg-jennings brings the speed to completely transform the kings into a fast entertaining team
5-memphis-h thabeet c-end up choosing size and defence and think gasol and thabeet can become the next twin towers
6-okc- d moteinjunas pf/c-6 is too late for this guy as he is the top pf and really the prototype for the position
7-minn-j harden sg- harden plays 2 a little like a 1 wich fits perfectly w the rapidly improving foye
8-GS- j holiday pg- franchise pg who is very underrated- a complete all around player
9-tor- t evans pg/sg- the best gaurd left on the board will give the raps what they need from the 2 gaurd spot
10- NY- w warren pg- knicks want a young pg to develop as they think they will have kidd or nash soon
11-indi- g monroe pf- best talent on the board will be slow to develop but has all the skills to take over for murphy when his trade value gets high
12-milw- d derozen sg- replacement for redd to add to the young core
13-charl- j hill pf- terrible team takes a terrible player
14-phoenix- c brackins pf- you can never have too much size and now they only need to work on 2/3 for the future

15-chi- handsbrough pf- even on a team with too many pf's this would be a good pick
16-det- j teague pg-top talent on the board fills iversons roster spot and some of the minutes- teague and stuckey would be an unconventional but very difficult backcourt to defend
17-philly-k singler sf- adds an inside out game to the slashers already on the wing
18-min-james johnson sf- adds all around game out of real nba sized 3- from wyoming can't hate minnisota too bad
19-atl- e maynor pg- deep pg draft comes in handy for atl as they select a possible future starter or atleast upgrade from law 3
20-dal-t smith sg/sf- time to get younger and more athletic on the wing- good finisher, defender and even playmaker
21-no- s curry pg- a lot like pargo used to, curry will be a perfect 6th man and give the hornets the shooting they need
22-por- e clark sg/sf- fills whoever gets tradeds role- a very versitile defender who will fit well in a situation where they aren't asking him to be a star
23-utah- a daye pf/sf- outside shooting big who complements the young bigs very well
24-sac- s young sg- a power wing and finisher to complement the frail martin garcia and green
25-chi-buddinger sg- a good complement to rose who has size and althletic ability
26-okc-ty lawson pg- watson is trade bait once another gaurd is on board behind the franchise pg westbrook
27-min-bj mullins c- mullins slides but becomes minni's good fortune- time to grow behind al and love- harden, jjohnson and mullins is the best day in minni franchise for a while
28-mem- d blair pf- need a pf with more size than hakim or aurthur- blair has more size
29-lal-d summers sf- versitile player adds even more depth and size to the wing
30-cle- d green sg- green can shoot and defend making him perfect to play alongside lebron

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