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Default Re: Who should we pick up this offseason?

Jesus tapdancing Christ. Bokki? What is it with the Nets not realizing when they have garbage on their roster? How long did it take to dump Jason Collins, Nachbar, Planicic?

And I'm sorry, but Harrington is a selfish prick. He can score, and he's got some game, but seriously, how many times is the guy gonna hang on the rim and not learn? He cost the Knicks like two games this year, winnable games, with his circus rim-hanging that led to Techs and points. Those games are now pretty important for the Knickerbockers.

This has a list of each team's upcoming FAs:

I'd take a look at:
Ben Gordon
Von Wafer
Trevor Ariza
Rodney Carney (has the CDR connection?)
Chris Wilcox
Hedo Turkoglu
Kyle Korver

and if we're gonna make a big push and splurge for someone now rather than 2010, go hard after Carlos Boozer. He would be protected by Lopez, and then in the draft you can focus on any position you want, because the 4 and 5 are set for years (Boozer is only 26).

Our FAs are Swift, Hassel, Ager, and Hayes.
I'd let Swift and Hassel go. Try to retain Hayes, and depending on whether or not VC stays, maybe keep Ager. Either way, the Nets should be looking to get younger, fresher, and more talented on both sides of the ball. Aside from Harris and Lopez, there's no position that can't stand to be upgraded.

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