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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

Originally Posted by UniformBomber
If Frank were to get fired, he'd become an Assistant Coach somewhere else; that should tell you everything you need to know.
i don't think so.
i've read more than one good writer claim that frank would have no problem getting another NBA head coaching job.

and to be fair to frank, there is very little talent on this team by the standards of other teams. we have approximately two players that other teams would actually be enthusiastic about, one star that nobody has wanted for a couple years, a couple rotation players that nobody is excited about and the rest, guys who are castoffs from other teams.

so let's be fair- that's not much to work with.

...then immediately put in a call to Avery Johnson. He's a buzzsaw, yes. But he's also a former player, a winner, and will light a fire under these players' asses, which is exactly what they need -- not to mention the fans will love his enthusiasm.
and those same players will get sick and tired of his shrill, obnoxious voice within a year or two and would run him out on a rail just like they did in dallas.

can we just skip all that and hire a jordan or a saunders instead?
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