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Andre Miller and Nene for Pierce

Nah, Pierce wont be traded, in fact he may sign an extension to remain with the team for the rest of his career (of course having the deal doesn't really ensure that he'll be here for all of that time). The main problem that occurs when Ainge makes trades, aside from taking on long, big-money contracts for guys with knee problems, is that he ends up asking for way too much and potential deals get squashed right away.

The one proposed trade that comes to mind is when Danny was talking with the Clippers about Corey Maggette and he casually asked what it would take to get Livingston thrown into the deal, like he was the equivalent of a future second round pick or something. If he was to put Pierce on the block there's no team that could offer enough for him, especially because Pierce is highly underrated so other teams may make really low bids for him. Danny would want it all; cap space (i.e. clearing out Raef and/or wally in the process) and picks/young guys. It's not happening, unless Pierce demands a trade.
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