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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

Well you're right in that it's difficult to evaluate Frank when there's a deficiency of talent on the roster. So what do you go off of? For me, it's several things:
1) Substitution/Playing Time - Too often I've seen players performing well, in rhythm, even hot, only to be subbed out during their rush. I've seen it time and time again with Sean Williams; say what you want about the guy, he obviously has issues, but he has contributed, and just when it looks like he's getting into a grove within a game, he comes out and doesn't return until garbage time. The refusal to play rookies is mind-boggling. Up until this year, we saw rooks get limited action when they could indeed positively contribute. The youngsters need to take their bumps and we need to figure out who's worthy of keeping, and the only way to do that is to let them see the court. CDR is a good example. He comes in when we're down 30, but should be playing more meaningful minutes; he knows the current limitations of his game and doesn't try to push them, and he's unselfish. And then there's the whole Yi vs Anderson situation. I've heard people on here say it has more to do with the powers-that-be determining that, and Frank is just following orders; if that's the case, then the Nets troubles are more deeply rooted than just roster and coaching.
2) In-game decisions - some of what I mentioned above falls under this category. I referred to the end-of game foul up 3 in a previous post. Certain matchups aren't exploited by certain players, or a rotation is misused depending on the opponent. What this boils down to for me, is that Frank is probably a good coach outside of games (e.g. practices, film room, etc), but somewhat inept during games.
3) The 3rd Quarter - I actually called into the Joe and Evan Show on WFAN a couple of weeks ago, asking Evan Roberts (a knowledgeable, diehard Nets fan) about this. He didn't really have an answer. One of his theories is that the Nets don't have the home court advantage of other teams, so unlike other teams that come out of the half fired up at home, the Nets don't, which may contribute to their lackadaisical 3rd Qs. I don't know if I vuy that because this happens on the road too. IMO, eventually you need to look at the coaching with this problem. Maybe other teams are making halftime adjustments that Frank isn't. Maybe Frank doesn't get the players motivated for the second half. I don't know. But what I do know is that more often than not, we're outscored in the 3rd Q.

What about Marc Jackson? He has no coaching experience whatsover, but you can't deny his knowledge of the game, along with his passion. From that standpoint, he could command the locker room's respect. And just think about the tutelage he could provide a young, budding star in Harris. However, he'd probably need a strong staff to insure his lack of experience.

I'm just not too keen on what coaches are or will become available. And I don't know if Nets brass want someone experienced or inexperienced. I don't know fiscally what they want either; maybe they don't want to pay for a proven coach. There are too many variables to figure it out. I'm just hoping that if there is a better coaching option available, the Nets pounce on him.
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