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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

Originally Posted by gigantes
most of the players couldn't couldn't stand AJ. that much was known from that team's beat writers and the players themselves.

I wasn't aware of this. Do you know exactly what they didn't like about him? And I don't accept "his voice" as a reasonable answer. If the Nets players can withstand Lopez's ogre voice everyday, they can probably tolerate Johnson's -- at least the two voices would balance each other out haha.

But seriously, I ask because I'm curious. If the players truly disliked him for valid reasons, then that's something to be wary of. Having said that, you can't discount a person learning from their past mistakes. If he's aware of his clash with the players, then maybe he knows he needs to behave and treat them differently. Furthermore, it could have been more on the players too. Wasn't the word that Byron Scott clashed with some players here? That doesn't seem to be too much of problem right now in New Orleans.
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