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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

Originally Posted by Rockbttm88
2. Why is the Izod Center always full of front runners? When we played the Lakers, there were more people cheering for them than for the Nets. Actually, it sounded like NO ONE was cheering for the Nets. I felt like I was watching a game from the Staples Center. Same thing happens when any other hot sh*t team rolls into town. That's gotta be pretty disheartening to our boys.

4. Why do Marv Albert and Mike Fratello still work together? These men clearly do not enjoy each other's company. The tension between them is palpable. They both seem to come to life when you put them on another network and stick Reggie Miller between them, but when left alone they're just two old men bickering over meaningless stats and other random nonsense. (and you cant tell me its humor theyre going for. if you think its funny listening to them, then you're probably due back at the nursing home right now).

6. Why does Devin Harris still chuck up 3-pointers within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock? Even if the Nets are winning, he still does it. He doesn't seem patient enough to wait for his teammates to catch up and insists on throwing up low-percentage outside shots, which almost always results in a blown possession. This is something he's been doing all season long (in pre-season too) and Lawrence Frank has had ample time to correct this. So were 75 games into the season now... why is this still going on?

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2) I don't know but it's horrible. Nets fans just seem to have no life. I don't enjoy going to Izod. It is not just the Arena but also the entire presentation of the game. Most teams regardless of sport have a buzz and a sense of history. The Nets just give off this vibe that is like: wow, we are shocked you even bothered to find your way to the meadowlands. I think Brooklyn is the best answer, it would be a lot more fun.

4) No idea. I can't stand Marv Albert to begin with. I will never understand why YES decided to replace the younger, more exuberant Eagle with Albert. I don't find entertaining to listen to and he just isn't very crisp anymore in his play-by-play. The czar is good but a little prickly- it's hard for the public to tell if he is kidding or not around Marv. I prefer Spanarkel and Marc Jackson.

6) I think instead of Nets fans dumping on L-Frank maybe it is time to direct some of that ire at Harris. It's clear that the kid has let the All-Star appearance go to his head. It is also clear that he was not serious about winning this season. At first maybe but as his injuries have piled up I think he has grown angrier that he doesn't have more slashers to help him out. Hopefully he will recommit himself to being an elite defensive presence and continue to refine his game. He is too smart and talented for these problems to persist.

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