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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

Originally Posted by gigantes
i agree, it's really annoying.

now that we've all learned what a great scorer harris is, he really needs to work on his approach to the game IMO. his defense is terrible and mentally he's not in charge of his team's offense the way a good PG needs to be.

Yeah, I find myself questioning Harris' character more and more.

I think it all started when he and Carter were benched in that OKC Thunder blowout. When asked about how he'll react after being pulled from the game, Carter responded the way a mature, team-first guy should respond (and I'm not even a VC-as-a-player-for-the-Nets supporter), saying something to the effect of, "I should have been benched and hopefully this will serve as a wake-up call for me...I need to play better than this performance." When Harris was asked the same question, his response was along the lines of, "I'm not sure how I'll react, we'll see what happens from here..."

He seems kinda overly arrogant and too confident in his outside shooting abilities, which have been anything but consistent. A PG needs to put the good of the team above everything else. I give Harris the benefit of the doubt though because he's still very young and this is the first team of which he's had to be the full-time general.
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