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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

Originally Posted by BrooklynNets
2) I don't know but it's horrible. Nets fans just seem to have no life. I don't enjoy going to Izod. It is not just the Arena but also the entire presentation of the game. Most teams regardless of sport have a buzz and a sense of history. The Nets just give off this vibe that is like: wow, we are shocked you even bothered to find your way to the meadowlands. I think Brooklyn is the best answer, it would be a lot more fun.

Perhaps the most irritating thing about Izod games - from a television standpoint - is how lackluster and quiet the crowd/arena is and how poorly lit it is. You're exactly right in saying there's no buzz, unlike other teams around the league.

Watch other games on TV. The presentation is much brighter and the arenas are much louder. I can't wait for the Nets to move (and I live 10 mins away from the Meadowlands) because it'll be for the better of the franchise.
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