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Default Re: Could Lawrence Franks Job be in jeopardy this offseason?

Originally Posted by UniformBomber
Cool, thanks for the links.

I think part of the reason Carter didn't get moved earlier is that there's no PG depth behind Dooling. So Dooling had to available to spell Harris. Since the season is just about over, depth isn't really a concern anymore.

I agree that the emergence of CDR has helped this situation out a lot. Not that he'll even be a PG, but I wonder if making him practice at PG and play it live in garbage time has actually helped his progress, his overall understanding of the game. IMO, CDR should've been getting many more significant minutes earlier in the season.

Did anyone else catch Frank's interview today on WFAN? He praised CDR saying he's learned a lot from the neck up since the beginning of the season, and he's become more mentally tough and dedicated to the off-court duties.

He also praised VC and said that Sean Williams is a good person who's just made some poor decisions, but his value shouldn't be underestimated. Said that Williams' improvement has led to Boone's improvement because they motivate each other to compete for pt.

Yeah that was a great interview Frank gave. It always amazes me how when you actually listen to the guy he never matches the fans' characterization of him.

Count me in still as one that thinks it is the wrong time to can Frank. He has coached this team to 31 wins! Look at the talent on this roster and the teams who have less: Sacramento, Memphis (barely), Washington and Minnesota (because of injuries) and New York, Charlotte, and OK City have possibly less talent right now. At best the Nets are securely in the bottom 3rd when it comes to talent on an NBA roster.

I know Frank has his problems but I think he has been a stabilizing force all year for the team. Brook Lopez said it best, he doesn't want the upheaval of a coaching change. Switching gears now would only retard his progress. It takes time for young players to become familiar with a system- I think most fans underestimate that.

If next season the Nets aren't an at or above .500 team then it will be time to move on. Then the Nets can do what Dave D suggests and have an interim coach for the rest of the year. In the summer of 2010 you can pick your new coach with your new free agent superstar!
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