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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

Originally Posted by UniformBomber
Perhaps the most irritating thing about Izod games - from a television standpoint - is how lackluster and quiet the crowd/arena is and how poorly lit it is. You're exactly right in saying there's no buzz, unlike other teams around the league.

Watch other games on TV. The presentation is much brighter and the arenas are much louder. I can't wait for the Nets to move (and I live 10 mins away from the Meadowlands) because it'll be for the better of the franchise.

Yeah that is definitely part of the problem. The whole presentation seems dated from arena to the fan entertainment. Its not fun to be there or watch it on TV (well I mean it is always fun to watch the game). The whole experience seems so generic to me- a failed copy of what other teams are doing. I don't get any sense of Nets history or feel that there is something uniquely Netlike about the fan base. You get that in other cities and it would really help counteract negativity towards the team's stalled move.

I wish the Nets had a really good entertainment exec that would do for the game presentation what Yormark has done for the business side. You can increase turnout by making the game seem more interesting. Look at the Mets: they played at Shea which was never considered a nice ballpark. Yet they created the home-run apple and "Meet the Mets", "Ya gotta believe" and black cats. People don't go just for the baseball, they go because they feel like they belong in a special history. The Nets have nothing close to that.
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