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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...


2. Why is the Izod Center always full of front runners? When we played the Lakers, there were more people cheering for them than for the Nets. Actually, it sounded like NO ONE was cheering for the Nets. I felt like I was watching a game from the Staples Center. Same thing happens when any other hot sh*t team rolls into town. That's gotta be pretty disheartening to our boys.


I was raised in jersey and love NY and Jersey both, but i have to say that Jersey and Ny has some tough fans...seems to me that they are filled with nuthing but haters. When you have a strong nucleus of support behind you then it makes you play with more confidence...thats with anything in life. Its not cool to go to a Nets game and cheer for the other team...i can understand if you like and support other players but if your a nets fan and your at the IZOD center you should cheer for the NETS. To do other wise is blatant disrespect and really hurts the feeling of these players...put your self in their shoes. I just think there is no compassion anymore. Everyone is just straight up A HOLES, no home training. No respect. But hey i guess there are only a select few of us out there.
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