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Dallas Fans, Oh Dallas Fans.

Never Give the giants credit for anything. Eli played good against you. 2 TD's yeah he had 1 stupid INT in the endzone but coughlin should have called a run on 3rd and short. Stop making an excuse of how the ref got in the way, it would have been a pass interference or plaxico would have still caught it. Roy williams to me is a horrible defense, wow he does nothing but hit hard. Tiki ran great against yall and some dallas fans finally got to meet BRANDON JACOBS Plaxico only had 2 Rec but for 94 yards and a TD. Shockey Had a TD also.

My Man Dockerty making a debut with a 97 yard INT for a TD!

Don't Even say nothing about our defense.

Over 14 Hurries, 4 INT's and 6 Sacks
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