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Originally Posted by Cool
No there is no secret I will tell you the truth. The truth is I orginally got banned from this website a couple weeks ago because I did funny random post on the lakers forum and they all kept complaning and I got banned. But then I sent the guy a letter asking to be put back in and he did. O and my former name was anti-shaq. Thats exactly what happened. And if I did not send that guy a letter I would not be posting my posts I do today. But that is all behind me. I am back ready to make you all laugh. We still cool jrt1584?

Cool... your posts in the past were not funny and quite honestly, they were irritating and disruptive, which is why you got banned. I realize you are young, but you should respect your place here in the forum. If you want to mess around, go to another forum or keep your posts to this particular section of the board.

In the Laker forum, you do not add a lot of value despite the fact that you have more posts than anyone else there.

I would ask that you kindly take a step back and reflect on what you have been doing. I would not want you to get banned again. If you have good ideas that are related to the Lakers and you want to express them, I am all for that. But so far, you have not really done that. And the last round as your previous screen name, you are deliberately a trouble maker.

Come on now!

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