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Default Re: Can Goran Suton be a second rounder?

Yeah, the dude didn't look small next to Hasheem Thabeet, I would guess Suton is about 6'9, 240-250. He's not athletic, but he is strong, skilled (can pass, shoot, and defend), and most importantly, smart. MSU uses him as almost a point center, they run the offense throught him much like David Padgett at Louisville last year and Greg Monroe at Georgetown. Not saying he's as talented as Monroe, but it demonstrates how skilled and intelligent Suton is.

If Suton performs well tonight, win or lose, I see no reason why a team that needs cheap frontcourt depth wouldn't pick him in the second round, he is the kind of guy who could crack a rotation despite not being a great athlete or leaper. Remember, he was the top rebounder in the Big Ten and is a huge reason why his team is in the Championship game. At least don't act like he's a nothing.

Anyways, Goran is a senior so he's done with college one way or another after tonight's game, so there is no reason why he shouldn't enter his name in the NBA draft, and if he doesn't get drafted he would certainly have a good chance of being signed in Europe and having a nice career.
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