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Default Re: If someone told you their favorite movie was "____________" you'd know you hate them

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
I just don't understand why you're choosing NBK over anything else. It's not like It's the only serial killer movie that's slightly disturbing.

dude we get it.

you think you're showing off your knowledge of "films" by talking about how you know obscure and unheard of movies that are WAY more brutal than those mainstream killer movies like NBK.

This thread asked about movies people would claim as their favorite. Natural Born Killers is a well known movie and would likely be named by some people. That is the entire gist of primetimes post. The movies you are referencing are unrealistic answers. Your response has nothing to do with primetimes. You are simply trying to jump in and be a "film buff" because you are obsessed with people thinking you know movies.

Seriously. We all see what you're trying to do. You've seen some foreign movies, and obscure slasher movies, er "films," and you want EVERYONE to know it. Great.

Everyone look. Petes Montreux knows about movies. Make sure you make a note of it. He is desperate for people to know he watches films.
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