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Default Re: If someone told you their favorite movie was "____________" you'd know you hate them

Originally Posted by -primetime-

it is the ONLY serial killer movie that people actually say is their "FAVORITE" movie...

yeah there are plenty of other disturbing flicks...but I can't really think of any that are realistic as being a "favorite"...

no one ever says "Faces of Death" is my favorite movie...

people do say "NBK" is my favorite movie...

i am just trying to be realistic...I mean do you actually know a person that thinks that flick you posted is their favorite movie???

I think you're forgetting some great serial killer movies.

Citizen X
In the Cut
From Hell
Clay Pigeons
No Country For Old Men
Mr. Brooks
American Pyscho
Summer Of Sam
Silence Of the Lambs

These are all films about serial killers, or are mainly about serial killers. Every single one of these movies could be someone's favorite, and a lot of them are. So, now we're back to you thinking that NBK is gory and disturbing, when in fact It's really not as bad as you think. All I'm saying is that there are plenty of films out there that are much more disturbing than NBK.
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