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Just to clear some things up-

Stackhouse put up 29ppg on 40% shooting on a 30 win team. Arenas did it on 45% shooting on a playoff team at with a TS of 58%. The year Stackhouse won 50 games, he did it with averages of 21ppg on 39% shooting, just about any decent starting SG could of played that role. They traded for Rip Hamilton and got better. Stack never put up 34ppg in a playoff series, never was as efficient as Gilbert, and never put up the kind of assist/steals numbers that Gil puts up. The comparison is there only to put Gilbert down, Arenas is a closer to an efficient Allen Iverson than he is Stack.

The thing with Gilbert is, he's the most entertaining personality in the NBA, and that's even if he was putting up only 15/3/3 he would still be that entertaining. So I don't get the idea of not caring, he's not a bland player on the court or off the court.
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