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Still taking Gilbert over Kobe for the Wizards, Gee?

I can't believe that.
I hate Kobe, I hate everything about him, and I'd rather ride out the next decade with Gil. I don't believe either Kobe or Gil is good enough to lead us to a title without a lot of help, so if neither one is able to do that I might as well take the guy I like.

objectively? if I didn't care about the Wizards or like Gilbert I'd say trade Gil for Kobe in a split second. but Im not objective. I don't want to watch Kobe play 82 games a year.

Maybe you were 10 or 12 at the time, but Stack was no joke. He choked in the playoffs and had to be dealt, but I can't say much different for Gilbo.
"Gilbo" put up 34ppg and matched the best player in the game shot for shot over the last 5 games of a playoff series, almost knocking him and his superior team out in the first round despite zero help, in fact, if you recall, almost all of the games came down to last-second heroics in which the Cavs had more luck than the Wizards did.

Gil missed 2 FTs at an inopportune time. to say he's a choker is ridiculous. he has nailed those FTs every other time in his career, he averaged around 15ppg in the fourth quarter in the playoffs last year..... but ask mav fans. ask me, a Wiz fan. Stack is the biggest 80%+ FT choker EVER. guy is a brick oven from the line in crunchtime.

Stack had that year because SOMEBODY had to take the shots on that Piston team. it was a team full of a bunch of defensive specialists and Stack. somebody has to put the shot up. that somebody was usually Stack. doesn't put him on Gil's level. Gil's done it 2 years in a row on a REAL team, and he's done it even moreso in the playoffs.
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