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Default Re: Why Is Jonny Flynn Not Considered A Top 10 Pick?

flynn is definitely top 2 outta the pg's in college but he is slightly undersized and Syracuse is the most disrespected program in the country.I agree on christmas being a steal but also if Hazell from Seton Hall is in the draft he's a steal as well.Also,even tho he isn't under the radar really,Thabeet will be a steal because the perception about him is that he's some big stiff.I'm a huge UCONN fan and that couldnt be further from the truth.he isnt muresan out there. he runs the court,dives on the floor for loose balls and has excellent athleticism.o yea and he punches and dunks everything!!!As a suffering Knick fan for many years,I'd take him in a heartbeat.even if i had the 2nd pick in the draft.
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