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Default 2009: The Perfect Draft (starring Blake Griffin and Ricky Rubio)

This is my final mock draft of how I would like to see the lottery go.

1. Oklahoma City - Blake Griffin

He's an Oklahoma boy, and would be perfect for the Thunder down low. They still would be weak at center. Maybe they can move Green for a decent center.
Potential lineup:
CT: Kristic/ Collison/ Swift
PF: Griffin/ White
SF: Durant/ Green
SG: Sefolsha/ Mason/ Weaver
PG: Westbrook/ Livingston

2. Sacramento - Ricky Rubio
They need a point guard, and they really need a defensive injection. Rubio would have some decent offensive players to pass to immediately.
CT: Hawes/ Booth
PF: Thompson/ Diogu
SF: Nocioni/ Garcia/ Greene
SG: Martin/ McCants
PG: Rubio/ Udrih

3. Washington - Hasheem Thabeet
They don't need a big guy badly according to the fans, but without Haywood this year, they have been terrible. The Wizards could look to move, Etan Thomas, Mike James and one of their big man prospects (McGee or Blatche) for a good shooting guard.
CT: Haywood/ Thabeet
PF: Jamison/ Blatche or McGee
SF: Butler/ McGuire
SG: Stevenson/ Young
PG: Arenas/ Crittenton

4. LA Clippers - Ed Davis
I hate the Clippers and don't want them to take a player that has any kind of a future in the league. Ed Davis is way over-hyped at the moment, and hopefully the Clippers buy the hype. They have enough players at the moment, and don't really need someone that comes and and competes for minutes. I can't find a hole with the Clippers (except for lack of depth). Good players, terrible team.
CT: Camby/ Kaman/ Jordan
PF: Randolph/ Davis
SF: Thornton/ Novak
SG: Gordon/ Davis
PG: Davis/ Taylor

5. Memphis - Jordan Hill
He should fit in nicely at PF beside Gasol. Hill can get up and down the floor rebounding and blocking shots, exactly what the Grizzlies need. (I considered Greg Monroe here, but I think he'll take time to be ready and he also doesn't really fit in style-wise)
CT: Gasol
PF: Hill
SF: Gay
SG: Mayo
PG: Conley Jr.

6. Minnesota - James Harden
He is the big time player they need at the 2. Some mocks have the TWolves picking a point guard, but I think they are fine with Telfair and Foye. This allows Mike Miller to move to the bench, and become one of the best 6th men in the league.
CT: Jefferson
PF: Love
SF: Gomes, Miller or Brewer
SG: Harden
PG: Foye or Telfair

7. New York - Brandon Jennings
He's the perfect point guard for D'Antoni's system. He will help attract some big name players.... that's if he pans out.
CT: ?
PF: Lee
SF: Chandler
SG: ?
PG: Jennings/ Robinson

8. Golden State - Willie Warren
I haven't a clue what they want, or need. He just seems like Nelson type.

9. Toronto - Greg Monroe

Bosh insurance, and he would play well with Bosh or Bargnani.

10. Milwaukee - Jrue Holiday
He would be perfect backing up Sessions and Redd. He would also give the Bucks a reason to trade Ridnour.

11. New Jersey - Earl Clark
They are so weak at both forward spots. Clark is a very unselfish player, and he does a lot of things well. He is the ultimate team player, and he won't take many shots away from anyone.

12. Indiana - Cole Aldrich

He's big, he's white, and hopefully he lights a fire under Hibbert's ass. Perfect for Indiana. They really don't have that many holes in their lineup.

13. Charlotte - Tyreke Evans
Charlotte has 2 point guards that love to shoot. Evans is also a scorer but he works well distributing the ball as well. I feel like he would be an incredible fit next to either one of Felton or Augustine. Especially seeing he is great at driving to the hole, and they are both fairly good shooters. His defensive potential would probably convince Brown and Jordan to take him here.
CT: Okafor
PF: Diaw
SF: Wallace
SG: Bell/ Evans
PG: Felton/ Augustine

14. Phoenix - Al-Farouq Aminu

They need an eventual replacement for Hill (he may even leave after this horrible season for Phoenix).

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