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Default Re: Who should we pick up this offseason?

Originally Posted by UniformBomber

Our FAs are Swift, Hassel, Ager, and Hayes.
I'd let Swift and Hassel go. Try to retain Hayes, and depending on whether or not VC stays, maybe keep Ager. Either way, the Nets should be looking to get younger, fresher, and more talented on both sides of the ball. Aside from Harris and Lopez, there's no position that can't stand to be upgraded.

NOW THIS IS THE KINDA THREAD I LIVE FOR!!!!!! Anyways i agree with most of wat this poster has said except the section i hightlighted...I believe that the nets have already went younger with pick ups like Lopez, CDR, RYAN anderson, Devin Harris, AGer, YI, Boone, and Williams...WE HAVE 8 players on a 14 player roster that are 24 and younger...Younger is not the answer.

The answer is getting fearless, dominant, aggressive, consistent budding stars...and Vets...thats the answer. I say if we can keep Vince keep em...eventually he will take a backseat to CDR and will be a very good Role Player to a hopefully Budding Star SG in CDR. Move some FA's and players that havent done squat (no need to name names...u all know who they are) and pickup some catz like this:
Lamar Odom, Ariza, Boozer, Ron Artest, Shawn Marion, Al Harrington, Turkoglu, Crawford <---just some suggetions

Along side Harris, Carter, and Lopez...this will make for a playoff contender team...then make a push for that 2010 class to get a mega star (assuming you dont spend the big big bucks on BOOZER)

In 2010 with my outlined plan, you grab a mega star and we are champions for years to come...guarenteed!

OH yea...I also think we should go after Patrick Ewing Jr. in FA (why you ask?) Because:
1. The Knicks never gave him a chance
2. He is the son of and has the DNA of one of the greatest players to ever play this game
3. He will fill a SF void that the nets needs to fill
4. He is actually good just never had a chance to show his skills (the 24 yr old is 6'8 and 240 pounds and plays SF)

for those who need an update:
Ewing played in two Knicks pre-season games prior to making his New York debut in Knicks final pre-season game on October 24, 2008. Ewing entered the game in the 4th quarter to a thunderous ovation by the Madison Square Garden crowd. Ewing helped fuel Knicks' late rally, where the Knicks would come back from a 21-point deficit. Ewing had two dunks, a three-pointer, a steal and a blocked shot. He had seven fourth-quarter points, in what many believed was the turning point in his bid to make the Knicks final roster cut. "It was amazing," said Ewing, about the crowd that night, "It showed that they really appreciated what I was doing on the floor. Having that crowd behind us throughout that comeback was good for us." In total, he played 3 pre-season games for the Knicks, averaging 8.1 minutes, 3.7 points and 1.7 rebound. On 27 October, 2008, Ewing was waived by the Knicks in order to get the roster down to the maximum of 15 players for the start of the 2008-09 season.[7]

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