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Default Re: Suns eliminated from playoff contention

i think the time has come, least far as management is concerned, to cut your losses and rebuild, i am going to assume the two most actively shopped players have to be on the chopping block still. Shaq i dont think will make it past the trade deadline next year, and there is no way, i mean NO WAY the Suns accept anything from Amare in $100 mill max deal territory, fact is the dude is not a MAX LEVEL player, and they know that, hell the whole league knows that, so i look for Amare to be traded as well, i dont see the Suns letting him just walk when he is eligible to opt out, unless they work a sign and trade like they did with Joe Johnson.

this team is about to suffer an extreme makeover, and honestly i think its time to make changes, i dont see this group doing anything, possibly with Amare uninjured they limp into the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed, either way they were going to get dropped in the first round again, the time has come and the sun has set, its sad, its hard to acccept, but it is the truth, the run is over, this happens to all teams, they all go on a run and challenge for a title and then fall off the map (well almost all) anyway the point is, things are about to change!!

(on a side note) i think Shaq understands the ship is sinking and is trying to orchestrate his way out of town, and based on his track record, things might go sour real fast if he dont get what he wants, i cant remember the last time he left a team on "good teams" possibly when he left LSU to enter the draft?!

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