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The reasons why I think Bargani will not be an arauio is because:
1.Colangelo scouted him for a couple years now
2.Babcock became GM right around this time before the draft (maybe a bit earlier), no time to scout. The Draft night conversation was probably:
McKloskey: I think he is good.
Babcock: Okay we'll take him.
3. Araujo played in the Mountain West....although he had very nice numbers it was not a very strong conferance and he was on a pretty weak team.
4. Bargani is playing at the most elite level outside the NBA on a very good team. In a league where young players rarely get a lot of playing time, he is average a bit over 20 minutes. He is also putting up like 11 ppg and 5 rpg in that time
5. Rob Babcock is Rob Babcock
6. Bryan Colangelo is Bryan Colangelo

Don't expect to hear Bargani's name when David Stern heads up to the podium for the first pick. You'll hear Alridge or Morrison....than after a few picks David Stern will go up to the Podium and say "We have a trade to announce." Colangelo always gets the most value out of something, so if he can get two players with the #1 pick (a veteran and the guy he wants) he'll do it. Just my gut feeling.
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