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Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John) going to let u think about what u just said.....NEVER say that again....Big Z is a Big Dumb Truck...hes the slowest moving thing ive ever seen...
okay first of all this is the same guy who was complaining to his team when Rasheed elbowed him in the head and made him bleed...BIG Z huh...he is the biggest guy on the Cavs and that boi is SOFT...Hes a big stiff.... i mean since when do u hear about Big z..he diddnt do anything against detriot...Hes a stiff
i mean i would never do that trade..Big Z is horrible and is so overated..what they need to do is trade sammy d to the hawks who have all that cap room for a nice pik...then they have 2 nice early piks....draft a pg that has nice size that can run the offense and on defense guards the sg to let ai guard the pg and with the other pick grab a big man that blocks shots and rebounds and put him alongside webber and with that philly will still have cap space and they should look into signing bonzi wells....then they will be bak to the finals... guarantee it....
Well, he is not any tough and alongside Webber they could be the slowest frontcourt in history, but he is a much better basketball player than Dalembert will ever be
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