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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Are you drunk or just being facetious? First of all, Obama's approval ratings are currently at 62-percent, which is akin to what Clinton's were at the height of his popularity. I just glanced at Bush's approval ratings all the way back to 2005 and he never even reached 50-percent. As a matter of fact, most of his last few years were spent hovering around 30-percent.

Secondly, Obama's policies haven't even had a chance to have an effect on the economy... positively or negatively. The idea that you think his policies have made the economy worse in the last three months is laughable. Everyone with half of a brain knew that the economy was going to get worse (probably a lot worse) before it would even have the opportunity to get better.

Then again, I should have guessed that someone that honestly puts a show like Dexter on par with The Wire would also have a faulty take on the nature of politics.
What we should do is just keep spending, then even print more money so the dollar's value will decline even more throughout the world!
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