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Default Re: Greatest Hip Hop Duo Back Together

Originally Posted by Big Al All day
Couldnt agree more about Meth. Everything about him was just perfect imo, his flow, delivery, hell his raspy voice, everything was just perfect. Redman is the ultimate compliment to him, although on this track your right he does outshine Meth. But this is probably the commercial track that has to get plays, and if it is I can't imagine how good the whole album will be. This gives me some hope, not to mention Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is in the works.

Yea, Im gonna get it, like I said, if it ever comes out. Those are still my guys. It's just sad to see them be looked at like nobodies. I went to the Hard Knock Life Tour and Staned out like crazy when these dudes were hanging over the crowd from the rafters, puffing blunts that fans were handing to them, performing How High. Hands down, the greatest performance I have ever witnessed. Funny thing is, they may be the greatest live performers ever. Can't think of anyone that gave more energy and showmanship in thier shows than Meth and Red.

But alas. The album will debut at number 127 on the charts because it'll preobably come out the same day as Soulja Boy, Miley Cirus, or Lil Wayne. Anyway, I am looking foward to that Raekwon though. He and Ghost ripped some $hit on Jada's new album, wich BTW is fire unlike some of you dumb niqqas are claiming.
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