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Default Re: Leftwich close to signing with the Buccaneers..

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Some NFL buff explain to me exactly how the f*ck Matt Cassell is worth a second round pick yet Jay Cutler gets 2 1sts + players?

Actually Denver offered thier first round pick for Cassel and NE turned it down. And to me that is way too much for Cassel and NE would have got over. Chicago overpaid for Jay Cutler. The only explanation one can make. The reason they did is simple. Where they drafted they wouldnt be able to get a talent like Jay. And the history of them finding a franchise QB was dim. So the chance to aquire one they were willing to overpay. I also like to think Redskins bid for Jay Cutler also pushed up the price and Chicago was like screw this we will make an offer you cant refuse.
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