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Default Re: My Mock Offseason

With the 3rd Pick in the 2009 NBA draft the Oklahoma City Thunder select:

James Harden SG, Arizona State

Thabeet and Griffin will be off the board and Rubio dosen't want to play for our team. We grab Harden here which I think is a great pick. This is the shooter and smart player the Thunder have been looking for. His defense is average and I like the way he passes. He is also great in transition which is where I see out team doing a lot in the future. Another thing I like about this guy is that I don't think he is a star, he is the perfect player to compliment your star.


With the 25th Pick in the 2009 NBA draft the Oklahoma City Thudner select:
Sam Young SF, Pitt

This guy will be a great NBA defender. He has pretty good range. Hopefully becomes like James Posey.


We trade Earl Watson and for the Pistons 14th pick in the second round.

With the 14th pick in the 2nd round of the 2009 NBA draft the Oklahoma City Thunder Select:

A good point guard who can really shoot 3's. Just what the Thudner need. If we could get him here it would be a steal.

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