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Akognon's best chance of making it is to show the league scouts that he can play the point. So far, he's had a solid performance at the Portsmouth Invitational.
"Josh Akognon (16 points, 6 assists, 4/5 3FG)

Akognon had a performance that is very much in line with what has become the norm for him. His outside shot was simply on point, hitting long range bombs with people in his face. His open court speed was unmatched, and he was also able to use his quickness to turn the corner and get to the hoop. His handles are very solid and he uses a variety of hesitation and crossover moves to get by defenses. In the half court he was able to make some nice reads in the pick and roll and find open teammates either on the roll or on the weakside. However, in between all of these bright spots, comes the out-of-control and shoot-first mentality that we have seen from him all season. He tends to over-dribble and he also likes to look for his shot too frequently, rather than setting up teammates. In transition he looks to make the spectacular player rather than the right one. For a player his size he will need to become a more controlled lead guard, who is dedicated to setting up his teammates consistently."
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