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Originally Posted by i seen hippos
did you work the motion one or did you look at the stills?

and 3 doesn't pass back to 1. he passes to 5.

thanks for the help and opinions though. really good point on the 4 clogging space.
i also feel that the 3 screening for the 1 is pretty useless and that i'm making the 1 run around too much.
I ran it with the animation. With some tweaking it looks like a decent set play. Unfortunately the tweaking would need to be done versus live opponents.

I should have that Open post offense I talked about uploaded either tonite or tomorrow morning. It's a total offensive system so it took more time to get done.

Now that I'm looking at it as in depth as I am the Raptors and Phoenix Suns are the only teams that could get away with using this offense.

Almost wish I has Sam Mitchell's phone number. Of course I'd wait until after they playe the Knics a few times.
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