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Default Re: Hulk Hogan Contemplates OJing A B*tch

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
didnt hulk's kid kill somebody? his friend or something to that effect?

Yeah but i'm betting someone in your family and most people's families here have done some real stupid **** too, and when you talk about killing someone, i didn't know car accidents were considered murder nowadays. You could be just as guilty of what youre accusing today, tomorrow, or next week.

Ya'll take holier than thou attitudes here, but i'm betting a lot of you have worse skeletons in your closets, especially if we're talking about family here.

His son liked racing and got into a car accident, unfortunately his friend in the car got hurt bad. **** could happen to any one of y'all, and its a joke you all exaggerate it like he's some murderer. He's definitely at fault, did his time, but its not like he shot, stabbed, or purposely killed anyone. It just as well could've been him. And then trying to blame Hulk for that **** is reaching to hate at best. On top of pretending like none of y'all would be sweating a law suit at all
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