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Default Re: Hulk Hogan Contemplates OJing A B*tch

Originally Posted by Smokee
I said his son liked racing. He actually drift raced as a amateur i think. I've gone 60 in 15 mph residential communities. Then again 15mph feels like walking and that **** is only there because of soccer moms who let their kids play in the street.

I'm also pretty sure Jason Richardson just got caught going like 70 in a 25 with a baby on board.

A lot of people speed. Accidents happen. I don't consider them murderers more than people who do stupid ****, and were unlucky. The way people love to act holier than thou and placing blame on Hulk here is a joke.

While accidents happen, they are preventable and accidental damages can be minimized. Those men didn't even care of themselves by just fastening their seat belts, let alone speeding. Drivers have to has a lot of responsibility while on the road. Nick at the time surely had none.
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